Papa Midnite to Appear in Constantine Show


Now that British actor Matt Ryan has been tabbed to become the magical anti-hero Constantine, he now has a villain to go back and forth with in Papa Midnite.

The pilot episode is set to take place in New York where a certain Ravenscar Psychiatric Hospital from the Hellblazer comics will be making an appearance. In the episode there will be an underlying subplot that depicts the origin story of Papa Midnite.


For those who are unaware of who Papa Midnite is, he is an immortal mob boss and voodoo practitioner who sometimes both an ally and foe of Constantine. He’s sort of like Catwoman to Batman, minus the tight leather outfit.

When the series is picked up, as it is expected to be, we will be seeing Midnite and Constantine have regular run-ins. Neil Marshall is set to direct the episode with script and story by David Goyer and Daniel Cerrone.

Source: BleedingCool