Batman: Arkham Origins ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ DLC Trailer

by Alexander Cerola
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Yowza it’s here!!! A trailer for the much anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ DLC has been recently released. The DLC focuses on the first encounter Batman has with Mr. Freeze.

Available on 4/22/14. The DLC takes place a bit after Arkham Origins during a New Years party celebrating Bruce Wayne’s contributions towards Gotham City, but Freeze has a differen

Batman is dealing with an entirely new facade of enemy here that’s using some of the most advance tech that could possibly rival his own.  As such Ames Kirshen VP of Production from Warner Brothers Games says that Batman will have new weapons and a new suit to counter Freeze and his goons cold tech.

Whereas the last ‘DLC’ the Initiation Challenge Pack according to Kirshen, was a ‘Challenge Map with story wrapped around it, this is actually in-game mission, story content with a brand new story wrapped around Mr. Freeze in the Arkham Origins settings.’

You hear that DCN denizens? We’re to expect a brand new spanking plot line! A new costume! MORE WONDERFUL TOYS!!! This is true DLC folks, but a part of this writer wishes WB would take the time to patch the still glitchy game. It looks like a growing fad with gaming companies these days, but here’s hoping they don’t bring Ol’Bats down!

Source: Batman-News

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