Arkham Knight is the final title in the series.

With all the buzz about the new Arkham Knight game coming out on Xbox One, PC and PS4 in 2014, RockSteady have come out with the news that this will be their last instalment in the Arkham universe.
Set 12 months after the events in Arkham City, the story will have developed but there will be new twists like the Riddler challenges incorporating the new DRIVEABLE Batmobile. Yes the ridiculously tricky Riddler challenges will use the new driveable Batmobile. The map of Gotham is said to be five times bigger than Arkham City. This could be easily traveled in the new Batmobile or the old traditional way of grappling from building to building like Arkham City.


With the inclusion of the likes of Gotham’s Chinatown district and after two games we finally get to see inside Oracle’s watchtower. We see her whole set up of getting information to Batman and we see Barbra in her wheelchair. This could lead to interesting dialogues between Batman and Oracle face to face rather than over the communication system.
The new capabilities of the new consoles like the improved graphics this could mean that Gotham could look as good as it did in the Nolanverse. The new size of the map opens loads of opportunities for combat and story, like the added feature with the accelerated gliding when you eject from the driveable Batmobile.
It was also announced that you will be able to use equipment while GLIDING. Yes using batarangs while gliding and using the grappling hook while gliding.

All we can do now is wait until more news is released about the game and plot, but until then I will be replaying all the Arkham games to get back into the swing of things and save up for a next gen console or PC. 

Source: The Guardian