Harley Quinn #4 Review – “Very Old Spice”

Harley Quinn, first created by Paul Dini for the Batman Animated Series, has made quite the impression on fans through the years.  And now the crazy gal has her own comic series.  Was it a smart move for DC Comics?  It most certainly was!

In this latest issue of Harley Quinn comics, titled “Very Old Spice” Harley Quinn has pulled some strings in order to become a doctor again, a therapist at a nursing home. When one of her patients expresses that, she feels unloved by her family that never visits her. This tugs at Harley’s sympathy strings that forces her to take on a person crusade to teach the nasty family a lesson.

Someone's crashing the party
Someone’s crashing the party

Stripping off her blond wig, Harley Quinn puts on her new trademark outfit in order to capture the family. Needless to say, she made quite the impression. Crashing into the home with an adorable expression on her face.

However, that is not the only moment in this issue written with such perfection. What makes the Harley Quinn comic work is how the writers have both written and structured her character. A fun loving character who loves to create chaos, she has a soft heart, proven by her over the top and violent way of caring. The charisma that Conner and Palmiotti have bestowed upon her character. Racing out the place, dumping the family she beat and kidnapped into the trunk of her car, missing her derby match and making it up to her team by running over the competition before finally remembering that there are people in her car, priceless hilarity.  She is running around the place like a mad woman, while at the same time, she has to face off against bounty hunters who really don’t know who they are messing with.

Within this issue, she acting like a child having all the fun in the world.  But readers also get to see her be doctor again.  Hence the blond wig she strips off before she goes to kidnap a family who really does love her patient.  And her attitude throughout the comic, from stabbing a bounty hunter with a fork in a dinner, to running over a rival derby team, is so nonchalant because it’s all fun for her!  Readers will laugh and gape at her actions, but the fun air around it will just make you laugh.  Harley Quinn is incredibly child like at times, but that’s the joy of being campy: it’s not supposed to be overly dramatic and serious, but light, hence where the captivation lies.

Someone forgot to read her patient files!
Someone forgot to read her patient files!

Overall, this comic was a great move on DC’s part, and putting Amanda Conner on the writing team and Chard Hardin on the artwork, was an excellent move. In Suicide Squad, I was never a fan of Harley Quinn’s new outfit because I thought it made her look, to be blunt, slutty. Hardin was able to take what the other artists have done and recreate it, making Harley Quinn look classy while kind of punky at the same time. No longer are her boobs popping out in a degrading fashion (sorry guys, just not a fan). Then there is her new fashion statement as a roller derby girl, a costume I have put down on my cosplay list.  With the shoulder pads, elbow pads and gear, she is ready to wreak havoc on the world, and that costume adds some highlights to her gymnast skills.

With a campy fun air to this series, Harley Quinn shines through the writing and artwork. Don’t ya just love her?

Harley Quinn #4
Harley Quinn #4

Issue Credits:

Art by: Chad Hardin

Cover by: Amanda Conner

Written by: Jimmy PalmiottiAmanda Conner

Source: DC Comics