Teen Titans #29 Review – “Sentences”

This latest issue of Teen Titans begins the close of the Teen Titan series.  This issues deals with the latest aftermath these super teens have had to deal with: the sentence of Kid Flash and the murder Kiran, aka Solstice , committed to join Bart Allen (real name Bar Torr) in prison.

For anyone who has not read the latest issue, the following is the synopsis provide by DC Comics:

“With their adventure through time to the trial of Kid Flash at a close, the Teen Titans make one last harrowing discovery before returning to present-day New York City. Can they survive with what they’ve learned the future of themselves and the team?”

Power Surge!
Power Surge!

Issue 29 of Teen Titans, titled sentence, begins the close of the New 52 Teen Titans comic.  While an overall underwhelming story, it had many bright and perfect moments.  When the issue opens, the story begins with Kiran, telling her story of how she became what she is now, how the Culling affected her and why she committed such a heinous crime.  Readers are finally able to see her as she once was: a normal girl who holds light in her hands.  Now, looking at the picture to the right you see just what happened to her: fear of death caused her powers to overload and the explosion of power, of light, is what forever changed her, barbecuing those who wished her harm.

Kiran Before
Kiran Before

Now, while that was an interesting story and shows the girl she used to be as well as the power she holds, the issue with that is this: how did she change back?  Kiran no longer looks the way readers have grown used to her, she looks like a normal girl again, but there is no explanation as to how that occurred.  I can’t be the only person it bothers, right?  My only conclusion is that the future techs found a way to reverse what happened.  Except now I’m wondering how?  After the way she was changed, it doesn’t seem possible.  Maybe I’m being too critical but it’s a question I personally would like an answer to.

As for the rest of the issue, one part in particular I loved was the moment between Cassie and Tim!  Honestly, that is something I have wanted to happen since before the reboot, ever since the introduction of Lori Luthor.  The ending I craved resulte in Superboy ending up with Lori and Wonder Girl ending up with Tim.  And you know what, if the Teen Titans series is really going to end, considering the dynamic the writers have created since the beginning between New and Improved Wonder Girl and my personal favorite Boy Wonder, they might as well end the pair of them together.

Red Robin & Wonder Girl - Perfect
Red Robin & Wonder Girl – Perfect

It’s incredibly cheesy that I adore this so much, but ever since the reboot, the writing surrounding their dynamic has been amazing and sucked me in.

Am I happy that the Teen Titan series is ending?  Not one bit, but if it’s going to end it might as well have one happy ending since Solstice and Kid Flash are going to prison together.  Over all, a decent issue, but that one big story glitch bothered me and while it serves as a good lead in to the series finale, it was a little more underwhelming than I would have liked.  However, for me, that kiss makes this issue worth every cent.

Teen Titans #29
Teen Titans #29

Issue Credits:

Art by: Art Thibert, Tyler Kirkham

Cover by: Norm Rapmund, Brett Booth

Written by: Scott Lobdell

Source: DC Comics, Nerdist