Wonder Woman Fast-Tracked to 2015.

News has come to light about the new Dc films, one is that the Batman Vs Superman has been announced to be released in May 2016 with will make it one of the summer blockbusters. This delay is due to the second bit of news, as soon as 2015 we may see a solo Wonder Woman movie starring the already confirmed Gal Gadot. wonder-woman-gal-gadot With the announcement earlier this week from Warner Bros saying that they will announce a new “film series” make for good food for thought. Could they be using the three movie deal they have with Gadot to make a Wonder Woman, Justice League and a Man of Steel sequel? This could lead to interesting films and

Recently Gadot discussed her diet that she was on in preparation for the role with E! News during the week, she seems to be happy with the regime. It will be interesting to see if she will bulk up much for the role. News about Ben Affleck’s progress was released also. Rehan Jalali who helped Affleck bulk up for another movie The Town is keeping a close eye on the new Caped Crusader is taking up the role of keeping Affleck in shape for the Man of Steel sequel. According Jalali during a Q&A on Twitter addressing questions about Affleck’s new bulk he said that Affleck is looking more like a superhero and that “Batman is getting large, he’s (Affleck) working very hard.”Ben Affleck Batman Especially going up against the likes of the Man of Steel himself Henry Cavill who bulked up to a huge size for the self-titled Man of Steel movie, Affleck will have to size himself up against Superman Cavill and square off against him and Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is hitting cinamas in 2015 while “Batman Vs Superman” hits screens on the 6th of May 2016.

Source: E! Online,  superherohype.com