Editorial: Aquaman, DC’s Next Big Star?

With “Batman vs Superman” on the horizon it is apparent that DC and Warner Bros are preparing to make a push for Marvel’s crown on comic book films. We all know that Batman and Superman are the cash cows of DC, and rightfully so, but I think it’s about time other heroes got in on some of the spotlight. With an upcoming expanded DC Film Universe we need to be open to the lesser known characters of DC to appear on the big screen.

DC is budding with great characters and the opportunity to push one of them into the limelight is there. All Warner Bros needs to do is to take a leap of faith and green light a movie for someone other than Bats and Supes. The character I think that could really set things off is none other than Aquaman. Truly a dark horse for DC, I think if the general public were given the chance to see the King of Atlantis in action it could do wonders for the DC Universe.



Think back to 2008 when it was announced that Robert Downey Jr would play Tony Stark in Ironman. At that time Ironman was a mere afterthought to the general public and the Marvel fans. No where near the level of buzz surrounding the X-men or Spiderman. We all what happened when the movie was released though, one of the greatest comic book movies of all time and an iconic character was created in the eyes of millions.

Now I’m not saying that is what’s going to happen if Aquaman gets the movie treatment, but the potential is there. Notoriously ridiculued and left on the back burner only until the past couple years, the Man of Krill is poised to take the next big step. Below I’m going to go over a couple factors I think would support an Aquaman movie.




Can anyone tell me the last time an action movie spent a significant portion of the film emerssed in the ocean? Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is King of the Seven Seas, which means he is ruler over 70 percent of the Earth. Some parts of the ocean are as alien to us as outer space is, new crevices and parts of the ocean are discovered daily. Imagine what James Cameron did with the movie Avatar and how he created a whole new world through the use of special effects and technology.

If I were one of the creators I would be foaming at the mouth to create the city of Atlantis, a royal underwater castle screams interest in my opinion. Also with the real life problems we have in today’s world with the environment, an underwater kingdom should spark some interest. In fact one of the biggest problems that plagues Arthur as he tries to rule Atlantis is the fact that he’s always keeping other Atlanteans at bay from starting a war with humans over the mistreatment humans inflict on the oceans.


Supporting Cast

aquaman and mera

One of the most underappreciated thing about the Aquaman storyline is the richness in supporting characters. Everything about Atlantis screams diversity. From his love connection to his wife Queen Mera, to the alien races that derive from the bottom of the ocean, to even his African American arch nemesis Black Manta. Also let us not forget the fact that Black Manta’s son is Aquaman’s sidekick Aqualad, can you say drama. Aquaman’s relationship with Queen Mera is perhaps the most interesting relationship in the DC Universe.

Here are two superhumans trying to balance out their duties as leaders, heroes, all while trying to spend time together and continue their love. They give no mind to superfluous things and don’t bother with secret identities, they are who they are and they don’t care who knows it. There is potential for a great story between those too for the romantic buffs who are not completely sold on action. But for years Geoff Johns has been writing for the Aquaman series and has done a fantastic job building upon existing characters such as Aquaman’s half brother/villain Ocean Master.  Each character brings a new element to Aquaman’s story and how he interacts with them is fascinating.


The Flaws of Aquaman

aquaman: black manta

People who say Aquaman is boring have probably never gave his comics a chance. Picture a young boy forced into a locked underwater cage at age ten, surrounded by vicious sea creatures who will kill him  if he doesn’t communicate with them to tell them to stop. Arthur’s father knew his son had these abilities as a young child, so he tried to train him and made him embrace these powers. But this actually made Aquaman a vicious killer who became unaffected by bloodshed.

He’s tried to make amends through his work as a hero but he is capable of losing control and just going crazy, that in addition to his super strength make for a lethal combination. Another facet of Aquaman’s life is the fact that he doesn’t know where he belongs, it is his birthright to be the leader of Atlantis but Atlanteans openly denounce him.

Think about both sides of your family wanting nothing to do with you, generally disliked by humans and Atlanteans alike, Arthur pushes through the hostility to do right by everyone and still attempts to bridge the difference between both peoples. Surely the everyday person can sympathize with Aquaman and can hold an interest in the movie. The movie plot would be rich in drama as the man attempts to live his life as best as he could.


The Overall Badass-ness of Aquaman

aquaman i am your king

Not many give him credit, but Aquaman is one of the most skilled fighters in all of DC. Trained in martial arts unknown to the surface world, and born to survive miles below the ocean floor. From all the tons of pressure that Arthur can handle while living in Atlantis, it has pushed his overall strength to the likes of Superman. While he may not be as strong as the Man of Steel Aquaman is capable of dealing some major blows, making him one of the most dangerous heroes out there.

On top of the strength Aquaman is capable of swimming at a pace of over 1,000 mph underwater and launching himself up to 60 feet in the air, a nice perk when it’s your job to cover the whole planet essentially. Everyone knows Superman is susceptible to magic, but did you know that magic is what grants Arthur Curry his powers? And unlike Supes, Arthur is not susceptible to magic. You can also thank the magic for Arthur’s ability to tell most sea creatures to do his biding, something that has been ridiculued for years unfortunately.  Anyone that enjoys action and all out battles should be pleasantly thrilled with an Aquaman movie.

Another badass aspect about him is his demeanor, the man is constantly preventing wars left and right, from his own people in Atlantis, to the humans he protects on the surface world. A natural born leader who can run any operation is often in the background while Batman plans missions. This does not mean that he is incapable of running both the Justice League and Atlantis, which he has tried to do on multiple occasions.


We really need to credit Geoff Johns of DC because he is one of the big reasons for Aquaman’s revival. Johns has spent a lot of time writing and creating new stories for the Man of Krill, making him a key cog in the DC Universe. So what do you all think, should this dark horse be given a chance to prosper on the big screen or should we set up a more recognized hero like The Flash or Martian Manhunter first?