Batman #30: ‘Zero Year’ ends, Gotham becomes ‘Savage’

by Joshua Raynor
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Last month was filled with tragedy in ‘Batman #29’ as the creative team wove together flashbacks of the night Bruce Wayne’s parents died with him and James Gordon failing to stop the Riddler’s plan to transform the city, just as a superstorm set in.

Batman is presumed dead, while The Riddle is in control of this new Gotham City.  And so begins ‘Savage City’ on the heels of ‘Zero Year’.  According to writer Scott Snyder, this is “where the biggest, most fun and craziest elements of the story begin.”. Following the “Secret City” and “Dark City” segments, which gave new life to Batman’s origin story, the third part is what Snyder says is the reward for readers letting the “Batman” team tread on “sacred” ground — an “out-and-out battle with the Riddler for the city in a post-apocalyptic Gotham.”

Savage City

In a recent interview with Hero Complex, Snyder spoke about issue #29, and the very powerful, wordless pages and panels that helped lead to ‘Savage City’.  He went on to say “When I began scripting the issue, I knew that the end was either going to be silent or it was going to be very sparse with sound effects.”

Such a powerful image

Such a powerful image

On the ideas of guilt and failure that have been building, Snyder says “We tried to make this section heavy with the idea of failure. The important thing here was to show Batman losing. It was difficult too. I went back and forth with Greg [Capullo] and with a couple of my friends, saying, ‘Do you think it’s too terrible to have him go down so epically and lose here and have the city flooded and have all of these terrible things happen?’ What I decided was that it wasn’t at all too much. Instead I felt it was key to show him fail.”

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