DC Comics Announced Two New Relaunches

by Cynthia Ayala
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DC Comics have announced quite the stream of comic book cancellations making fans of those comics particularly upset.  Now, at least two fan groups can rejoice!

Teen Titans #1 Rocafort Cover

DC Comics Teen Titans #1 Rocafort Cover

I was one of those fans that was devastated when the news broke that Teen Titan comics was going to be cancelled, capping the series at issue 30 and with a final annual being released.  The new creative team behind the relaunch are writer Will Pfeifer and artist Kenneth Rocafort.  Pfeifer has had a hand in Red Hood and the Outlaws, Catwoman and Aquamam while Rocafort (one of my personal favorites) has had a hand in Red Hood and the Outlaws and Superman.  These two are going to be bringing back the series, taking up the title with Red Robin, Wonder Girl and Bunker, three characters who have been a part of the series since the new 52, and incorporating Raven and Beast Boy, returning Beast Boy to his green roots, pun intended.

There is no word yet if Superboy, Kid Flash and Solstice are going to be making reappearances in this new series, but fans can hope.  According to Comic Book Resources, Pfeifer did say “something is in the works to possibly expand the cast with a member of the Superman or Flash family”.

Personally, I hope for the return of Superboy, but not Jon, Kon.  The evolution that his character went through had amazing writing behind it, and the same can be said for Kid Flash as well.  These are two characters who are far in the grey but who are trying to be good.  While Scott Lobdell did an amazing job reinventing these characters, his story arcs were mediocre.

Teen Titans #1 is set to be released July 16th.

New Suicide Squad presented by DC Comics

New Suicide Squad presented by DC Comics

The second comic series that has been given a second life is none other than Suicide Squad.  DC Comics is relaunching the series to take into account the aftermath of Forever Evil.  The new (and hopefully improved) Suicide Squad will have new members like Joker’s Daughter, Black Manta and Deathstroke.  The creative team behind this series are writer Sean Ryan and artist Jeremy Roberts.  Roberts broke through into the DC Comics world in Harley Quinn #0 and was the artist on the final issue of Stormwatch.

I was never a fan of Suicide Squad mainly because they made Harley Quinn look like a hooker and I’m a hardcore fan of her original costume (however I like her design in her title series).  Now, with Joker’s Daughter entering the series with Harley Quinn, what kind of tension is going to happen within the comic?  That has already sent an enticing thrill for Harley Quinn fans, Joker fans and fans of the scarier and frail Joker’s Daughter.

Suicide Squad #1 is set to be released July 9th.

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