Earth 2 Fury – A Theory on Lineage

by Cynthia Ayala
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Earth 2 comics has taken a dark turn, creating the perfect parallel to the current line of stories on Earth 1.  It has brought characters such as Red Tornado (Lois Lane), Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate and The Flash into the mix with new back stories.  Additionally, it has brought to life the dark Superman story line, adding in a little something extra.

James Robinson and Yildiray Cinar brought readers Fury, the daughter of Wonder Woman and the last Amazonian.  However, this girl is not a good guy.  Fury works with Steppenwolf and is currently missing in action.  Robinson shared his thoughts on recreating this character stating:

“This Fury’s origin is different from previous incarnations; specifically she is not the daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.”

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Given that her mother is Diana, she is a formidable foe.  However, given Robinson’s statement, I find myself wondering who her father is.


The Original Earth 2 Fury

Fury is not new to the DC Universe, but it has been a while since the name has been seen in DC Comics.  The original Fury was Hippolyta “Lyta” Trevor, daughter of Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.  She was a good guy and while the writers have changed her affiliation, they have kept some of her origin intact.

The New 52 allowed writers to take many liberties as they recreated characters, especially with the Earth 2 comic.  In Earth 2, Fury’s origins have changed. While her story hasn’t been flushed out, enough hints have been dropped to allow speculation.  Therefore, I’ve taken the liberty to make a guess.


New 52 Fury on Earth 2 #8

Considering that both Steppenwolf and Darkseid took quite an interest in her, I surmise that her father may be Orion, especially after that kiss that Wonder Woman and Orion shared in Wonder Woman comics.  Granted that takes place on an alternate world, it does drop a hint to a parallel relationship.

Moreover, it has been a long-standing fact that Darkseid admires his son, but as Final Crises proved, he has no problem killing him.  Orion is probably dead on Earth 2, because if Fury were his daughter, he would not leave her in the hands of Steppenwolf.  There is also the fact that none of the New Gods have come to save Earth from this new invasion being led by a brainwashed Superman.  The New Gods, especially Orion, would never stand aside to allow Darkseid to invade any world if they were alive.

Robinson stated that Steve Trevor is not the father so I can’t think of anyone it could be.  Fury has been inclined towards Dark probably since birth.  This raises a lot of questions as to how she got that way.  Given her affiliation, she must have some genetic connection to Apokolips – that’s my opinion anyway.  Moreover, since Wonder Woman is a hero, she would not willingly bare the child of Steppenwolf or Darkseid, or anyone who was evil.  I mean, she’s Wonder Woman.

So is Fury the daughter of Orion and Wonder Woman on Earth 2?  I think so.

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