Arrow Season 3 Will Have “Different Feel”


Ever since The CW’s Arrow appeared on TV, the show has been improving with each episode, gaining more fans with it’s fantastic story lines. Currently in Season 2 the show is experiencing huge leaps and bounds regarding it’s reputation as the go-to DC show out there. We’ve been witness so far to some great character depictions and cameos of fan favorite heroes and villains from the DC Universe. Characters such as Deadshot, Roy Harper aka Arsenal, and Deathstroke have all had a significant impact on the show and things only look to get better.

Arrow Cast Season 2If you aren’t caught up on the show up to this point perhaps you should turn away because I’m going to unleash some spoilers right now. So far in this season Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke has launched an all out assault on Oliver Queen’s life, friends, family and wealth included.

But according the executive producer Andrew Kreisberg the third season of Arrow will have Oliver set in “very different cirumstances.”  Kreisberg told TV Fanatic that due to the nature of the last five episodes of Season 2 it will set up a very bleak future for Mr. Queen. His financial status takes a major toll and the change is major. Kreisberg said the following: 

“[Oliver] being in different circumstances [in season three] changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard [Diggle] and his paid assistant [Felicity] since he can no longer pay them.”

So let’s all tune in tonight as Arrow returns from it’s two week hiatus and see where the show takes us!

Source: Digitalspy