Rumour: Filming has begun for Batman Vs Superman.

by Daryl Keogh
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The photo may not show much but it is the first behind the scenes photo of the new Batman Vs Superman movie. The image was tweeted by Batman Vs Superman’s cinematographer Larry Fong. In the tweet Fong says “I hear film is dead” and in the photo we see that the camera is using film and not filming digital like most moves. What we see in the photo is the side of the camera and a blurry man in what seems to be a suit.

Could this be our first look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne? It may not seem like much but this photo is the only evidence that filming has started for the most anticipated film in the DC universe.

Okay it wasn’t the costume photos we were all hoping for but hey it’s a start. Images of the Batsuit, Superman’s suit and Wonder Woman’s outfit could be released real soon and by soon rumours say as soon as April or May. Especially after news that the costume designer Michael Wilkinson was on hand at the set to put together the final touches to the outfits. Wilkinson said that Snyders grittier look to the film influenced how the BatSuit will look.

Batman Vs Superman
With the grittier look for Batman, the already dark Man of Steel and the new gladiator looking Wonder Woman this movie will be one of the darkest DC movies made to date.

Batman Vs Superman is said to be released May 6, 2016, with a Wonder Woman feature film coming as soon as next year says rumours.


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