Wonder Woman’s DLC in ‘DC Universe Online’

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Wonder Woman, Amazon Fury, DC Universe Online,

Wonder Woman fighting a group of Amazons.


The star spangled heroine herself is headlining her very own downloadable content ‘Amazon Fury’.

The tenth installment in the long line of DLCs released by Sony Online Entertainment, this DLC, like its predecessor ‘War of Light’, will be part one of a trilogy. According to the producer of DCUO, Jens Andersen, the reason for the break-ups in the trilogy is so that “spend a lot of time making a high-quality release because we know we are building to something.”

The story of the DLC involve a civil war between the Amazons that has managed to find its way to Batman’s hometown, Gotham City. Queen Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s mother) blames the outside world for allowing Braniac’s influence to reach her island. Players find themselves “thrust right into the middle of it”.

Circe, Wonder Woman, DC Universe Online, Amazon Fury


‘Amazon Fury’ also allows the player to assume the roles of the two mentors, Circe and Wonder Woman. Using a feature called ‘Iconic Vision’, you’re allowed to see the event that preceded the war from two unique points of view. Assuming the role of the Amazon Princess herself, you “rally rebel forces to oppose her mother’s invasion of Gotham City”. As Wonder Woman’s nemesis, Circe, you watch as she tries to gain the loyalty of the Queen by lending her power to her Amazon Army.

Players will also assume one of two roles: Rebel or Loyalist.

As a rebel you’re assisting Wonder Woman in her cause to defend the Gothamites from Hippolyta’s forces. This means that during the ‘Dockside Duos’ you will be instrumental in helping the Princess’s forces in obtaining supplies and trying to stop the launch of the Amazon ships.

If you’re aligned with the loyalists, you’ll be guarding the very same war supplies that the rebels are trying to take. As well as prevent their ships from following those of Hippolyta’s and Circe’s into ‘Man’s World’.

The DLC will also feature an alert that takes players to “never before seen parts of Themyscira’, as well as Tier Six gear and new ‘terrific slim line’ Amazon Style gear.

‘Amazon Fury’ is now available to members that are subscribing DCUO players.
For unsubscribing members, the DLC will be available Tuesday May 6th.

Source: Venturebeat DC Universe Online



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