‘Gotham’ Star Says No Batman, No Problem

Cgotham-logueertainly by now you’ve heard about the new FOX series Gotham set immediately after the infamous Wayne murders. The series is set to follow the future Commissioner Jim Gordon and explore Gotham City before its streets were crawling with costumed villains and masked vigilantes. But can the show keep audiences interested without Batman in the mix? Gotham star Donal Logue, who plays the brusque Detective Harvey Bullock, thinks so.


In a recent interview with IGN, Logue sought to reassure fans that a Gotham without the Caped Crusader is still an interesting place. “What’s fascinating about Gotham is like, what happened in the 20 years before Batman was so effed up that it needed a vigilante to come and save it — and those moral decisions have repercussions,” the actor argues. “The question is, how did we get there? How did we get to the point where we had to have a Batman?”


Logue brings up excellent points. We know Gotham as the most crime-plagued city in the DC Universe, home to some of the most outrageous villains in all of comicdom. But no one has ever really told the story of how it all came to be that way. These characters didn’t just pop into being fully formed with plans to take over Gotham. This series will explore the origins and motives of some of the most iconic characters in the DC world and I, for one, find that very interesting. We all know about the Bat. Let’s see how the other side came to be.


Gotham has wrapped up filming on its pilot and will air on FOX, but no premiere date has been announced as of yet.



Source: ComicBook.com