Review: Earth Two #23

The Kryptonian arc of Earth Two is now half way done and this series shows no sign of slowing down. Writer Tom Taylor delivers an explosive issue that makes the reader feel a large range of emotions. At parts I was completely creeped out, and at others I was filled with excitement.A fan favorite character returns to the series in a big way, while another character suffers a tragic fate.


This issue is action packed. We see hordes of parademons, apokorats, and even the newly introduced war hound. The series current antagonist, Superman, once again shows off his moves against the newly discovered Val-Zod as well as an unfortunate group of parademons. If your a fan of explosive action then this is a great issue for you.

The best character moments are seen here by Superman. When Lois confronts him he appears to recall her, while also showing his darker side. This really deepens the character because it starts to show us Superman might not be brainwashed like many have suspected, and that he may actually turned over to the darkseid(pun intended). It will be truly interesting to see the Kents reaction to what their son has been up to next issue as well.

Artist Nicola Scott draws every character( and there are a lot of them) beautifully in this issue as she has every issue thus far. Nicola is definitely one of DC’s best artists and it really shows in this issue.


With sucEarth-2-023-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-013h a large cast it’s hard to give everyone enough screen time. While Taylor does a good job for the most part I felt myself wanting to hear more from the Kents. This is a small gripe though that I’m sure will be remedied by rereading this arc when it is eventually released as a trade.

The only other thing that seemed off with this issue was one of Dr.Fate’s visions. Khalid has a vision that has never been mentioned before even though he has been repeating them for the past three issues. This vision is then immediately seen through making it seem like a last minute idea that was forced into the issue. Again this is only a small gripe though, that doesn’t take away from the excitement of the story.


Overall this is a great issue. Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott continue to collaborate well together and  deliver and exciting story filled with death, destruction, and familiar faces.If you haven’t been a fan of Superman’s constant rampaging, this issue does a great job of pausing the destruction and jumping into the Man of Steel’s psyche. This is definitely an issue you don’t want to miss out on.




Gregg Hamm

Gregg Hamm

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