Review: Detective Comics #31

Writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are back with Detective Comics: Icarus: Part Two.  Last month’s issue left readers on the edge of their seats as one of the newly introduced members of the supporting cast fall victim to a horrible fate. This month however we wDTC-31-6-9044aere introduced to the big bad Sumo (emphasis on the big) and get exposed to aspects of the story involving both Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman respectively. There’s plenty of variety in this issue which is showcased by artist Francis Manapul’s creative layouts. This is a must read for anyone who enjoyed part one.


This book does an amazing job of feeling completely different than Synder’s work in Batman. While both books are well written and drawn, it is nice to see each book have its own unique take on the Caped Crusader. So far this storyline does a wonderful job of DTC-31-3-2ee02 illustrating Batman’s detective skills, which is fitting for a book that has detective in its name. Both writers have done a great job on the story.

Writer and artist Francis Manpul does an amazing job once again on the interiors. The layouts are significantly different from any other comic right now and really given the issue a unique feel. While I was skeptical at first how Manapul’s art style would work with Batman, I am now a full-fledged believer that this is a great fit for the series.

While the issue was filled with many great moments, one that stuck out for me was with Harvey Bullock. After the death seen in last month’s issue, Harvey begins to interrogate Bruce Wayne himself. It’s cool to see Bruce interacting with a character like this since were so used to seeing Batman tackle the GCPD.



Overall I had no problems with “Detective Comics #31”. The art was great and the story kept me intrigued throughout the entire issue. The only negative would be that we have to wait another month for more of this story.


This issue did a great job of keeping the momentum from Icarus: Part one. This creative team has once again delivered a solid issue that showcases Batman using all of his incredibly intricate detective skills. If you’re not reading this series because you were unsure of the new creative team rest assured that this book is in good hands.



Gregg Hamm

Gregg Hamm

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