The First Trailer of The CW’s “The Flash” Debuts

by Joey Garces
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During the much awaited Season 2 Finale of The CW’s Arrow, eager fans were treated to the first look at Grant Gustin as “The Flash.”

TheFlash promo


“The Flash” is the new spin off show from “Arrow” which featured Gustin in two episodes to set up a backstory. Gustin will of course play Barry Allen, junior Forensic Scientist to the Central City Police Department. Barry will partner with S.T.A.R Labs as he finds out he’s not the only one with new abilities, and that some of these people are using their newfound abilities for no good.

This is the first attempt to have multiple DC shows connect in the same universe since the DC Animated Universe back in the 90’s. From the trailer, we can see the promising friendship between Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and Gustin’s Barry Allen. Gustin’s take on The Flash looks promising and the trailer definitely shows that we’re in for quite the ride!

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Source: Youtube

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