Dick Grayson Gets Gun And Partner In New Series

by Joshua Raynor
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Dick Grayson.  Acrobat, sidekick, hero…super spy?  That’s right, in the new series Grayson, Nightwing is gone and Dick Grayson goes undercover.

Double-0 Grayson?

Double-0 Grayson?

Following the events of Forever Evil, which comes to a conclusion next week, Dick Grayson, thought to be dead, goes undercover as a spy for the international organization known as Spyral, last seen in Batman, Inc..

In his new series, Grayson, Dick gets teamed up with fellow Spyral agent, Helena Bertinelli.  Yes, pre-New 52 Huntress will now be training the original Boy Wonder in the art of spycraft.  Tim Seeley and Tom King, writers of the new series, said that they have “put a pretty different spin on her“, taking her from vigilante heroine to super-spy.

Helena on the cover of 'Birds of Prey #80'

Helena on the cover of ‘Birds of Prey #80’

Readers will be happy to hear that in Nightwing #30 we will get a peek at the world that will take place in the new Grayson series and according to the writers, Nightwing #30 is “something to talk about, so people should pay attention.

Dick Grayson: Super Spy

Dick Grayson: Super Spy

When asked about the transition we’ll see in the final issue of Nightwing, Tom King had this to say:  “This issue basically sets up the stakes of the series. It’s why Nightwing decides to remain dead. It’s a request that Batman makes of him, and he has to decide whether to accept the request or not. It’s Batman asking Nightwing to make one of the biggest sacrifices of his career, if not the biggest, and him wrestling with that issue.

Nightwing #30 hits stands on May 28th, while Grayson #1 will be available this July.


Source:  Newsarama

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