It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a GREEN LANTERN series so I’ve had to play catch up before reading the latest #32 issue. This issue makes it part 3 in the “Uprising” storyline written by Robert Vendetti, drawn by Billy Tan, and boy has it been a fun read thus far. There’s been much action to take in during this fantastic crossover story line and #32 keeps up the fast pace. Not to give too much away, the Khunds learn the hard way not to trust the Durlans and Hal Jordan continues to learn on the fly as the GL Corps leader. Thanks to a major player surprise in “Uprising: Part 2” in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #31, this issue is able to build off the momentum gained as the Durlan’s terrible plot makes itself known.


The scene where the Durlans leave the Khunds those wonderful parting gifts was fan-freaking-tastic, we knew how methodical and evil the Durlans are capable of being but it’s still fun to see them exert their power. The Khunds tried to play in a pissing contest with the Durlans and their reward was their entire fleet being destroyed. Point- Durlans. Not only are they dangerous because of their shapeshifting abilities but they have the smarts to have a contingency plan.


The Durlans have been fun villains to follow ever since Geoff Johns left the GREEN LANTERN creative team and they continue to take center stage in “Uprising.” The enemy of my enemy is my friend, a phrase that all groups in this war would be wise to heed.

Shortly after, there is the capture of Nol-Anj which leads to some good exposition between her and her old foe Hal Jordan. This conversation does well to characterize the growth Hal has gone through as he gets his footing being the Corps leader and all. His interrogation of Nol-Anj shows that he is still capable of doing some detective work, playing the “Batman” card. The exposition moves the story along to where it needs to go, Hal is of course going to lead a full on assault on Durlan leaders before they hatch their master plan.

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My big concern with this issue is the lack of Sodamn Yat, he was revealed to be the key player in the Durlans plans, which was discovered in “Uprising: Part 2.” Now in this issue not only do we not see him as he rehabilitates but there is not even a mention about him, very underwhelming.

Another criticism is Billy Tan’s wonderful art falls off a bit on #32. Hal’s face is noticeably more angular in each panel and the far away shots hold no water to the close ups Tan produces. The art wasn’t terrible by any means but it isn’t Tan’s best.


#32 is a very compelling issue that gives us a lot of information as to how the rest of the story line will play out. A must have if you’ve been reading the “Uprising” story arc, this is the best issue thus far. From the growth we see of Hal as a leader, to the dastardly deeds of the Durlans, #32 has more positives than negatives.