A New Reveal for “Batman v. Superman”?

by Trey
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Batman, Superman, Dawn of Justice

They were pretty cryptic, but if the Warner Bros Tours‘ tweet is anything to go by (and it is), there is something brewing for “Batman v. Superman” fans.

About an hour ago, they released a tweet saying “What’s Superman guarding? The curtain will be lifted soon!” They attached the photo you see above to that tweet. It’s possible that they are revealing a costume, but whose? Could it be Superman’s new costume for the sequel? Or even Wonder Woman’s costume?

Hours before, they tweeted “We’re getting ready to “unmask” a big secret. Stay tuned!” and a picture of the Bat-signal. So with a bit of rudimentary dot connecting expertise, we could come to the conclusion that this may very well be a proper costume reveal for Batman.

Of course, this could possibly be something else. Maybe it has something to do with those Joker rumors floating around. It’s too soon to tell, but the latest tweet states that this information will be provided to the public soon.

What do you think it is? A closer shot of a Batman suit? A possible curve ball that will reveal the Wonder Woman costume? Or even a character that hasn’t been mentioned in this article?

Let us know!

Source: Warnerbrostours

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