New Constantine trailer drops hints.

As Fall draws closer so does the much anticipated arrival of the many new DC TV shows with the likes of Gotham and The Flash, but one of the leading shows is Constantine. constantinenbc4
With Matt Ryan (Criminal Minds), who will be playing the Hellblazer himself, coming out and saying that the show is as close to the source material as it can be. In a recent trailer we see mostly the info we saw in the last trailer but what we do see is more of Ryan’s wise cracks. fate-image-6-10
There was also a not so small and not so hard to see Easter egg in the new trailer. We get to see the Helmet of Fate. Could this lead to a Doctor Fate/ John Constantine face off? Only time will tell.  But what has to be drawn from this little nod to the DC universe is that could this open the door for more DC magicians like Zatanna or Zatara and if they are possible does that mean Swamp Thing could make an appearance, John did get his start in The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37.

Constantine is set to premiere on NBC on October 24, 2014.

Sources: Joblo, The Verge