Arrow’s Olicity kiss left out of Finale

Fans for the shipping of Arrow’s Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak may have nearly had their wish come true, **Spoiler Alert* for those who hasn’t completed season 2 of CW’s Arrow. Ollie confessed his ‘love’ to Felicity, which was later revealed as a trap set to lure Slade Wilson from hiding. This of course was heart-breaking for fans who’d love to see Ollie & Felicity (dubbed ‘Olicity’) together.




Reports from E! came in that the most important part of the ruse to lure Slade out was cut out of the season finale, reports suggests they did in fact share a kiss which no doubt fooled the Villain into kidnapping Ollie’s Love.

E!’s Spoiler Chat column reported an Olicity kiss could have been featured, they state –

We can confirm that there was in fact a kiss filmed between Oliver and Felicity for Arrow’s season two finale that ultimately hit the cutting room floor. But it was pre-reveal that Ollie’s ‘I love you’ was just a ploy (But was it really?!) to trick Slade, so that doesn’t really count, right? Right?!

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What do you think of the almost ‘kiss’ in the Finale?

Are you a true believer of ‘Olicity’ movement?

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Source – Mstarz