Rahul Kohli & Malcolm Goodwin talk iZombie

by Cynthia Ayala
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iZombie is the CW show that hasn’t gotten much promotion, unlike it’s sister shows ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Flash’, also from DC Comics. The show is based on the DC Comic Vertigo label series of the same name, created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred. But recently, at a red carpet event, actors Rahul Kohli and Malcolm Goodwin spoke to IGN about the new show.

Rahul Kohli and Malcolm Goodwin, who play Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and Detective Clive Babinaux respectively, let viewers know about their individual relationships with the zombie medical student Liv, played by Rose McIver, and expressed their delight in working with showrunner Rob Thomas (made famous by the cult series Veronica Mars), their inner geek and love of comics and what it feels like to join the DC family.

iZombie has life!

iZombie has life!

“The character is a man of science and he loves medical anomalies and Loch Ness Monster, Yeti, those kind of myths and things like that. So when he meets Liv, it’s treated as such – it’s an incredible medical anomaly and he’s fascinated by that.

– Rahul Kohli to IGN

“Working with Rob Thomas was amazing; it was a great experience, he just creates an atmosphere where everybody can do their best…and being that he’s so clear on what he wants, he just kind of champions you to do your best…What DC’s doing with television is phenomenal, and I’m just excited to be a part of that.”

    – Malcolm Goodwin to IGN

Many of you may recognize the stars of this show. Malcolm Goodwin starred in House of Cards, Rahul Kohli starred in East Enders and Rose McIver was the darling Tinker Bell in season three of Once Upon a Time.

For more of the interview, check out the video below courtesy of IGN’s YouTube Channel. Let’s hope this show gets more marketing before it’s premiere this fall on the CW Network.

Source: ComicBook.com, Mstars News

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