Gotham reveals 8 new character posters

Late last week, new character images were revealed surrounding the highly anticipated show ‘Gotham’ set to premiere this fall. Trailers have been astounding fans everywhere and the show has been gaining more and more attention the closer the fall season draws in.

These new character images focus on the heroes, rogues and notable villains in the Gotham universe, including the made for TV role Fish Mooney played by Jada Pinkett Smith. Her characters creation mimics that of Harley Quinn who first appeared on hit Batman Animated Series. If her character gains enough intrigue like Harley, there is a possibility that she may make an appearance in the comics. But that’s just a speculation.

But back to the images. Each image was brilliantly crafted, grabbing something very essential from each character and weaving it into their profile.  This is something as simple as an expression to a symbolic object.  And that is a powerful trick used to establish, for new fans and old, who they are and why they’re deadly.  There is also the added help that the actors capture who their characters are amazingly in their photos, from just a simple expression, they will hook any viewer and comic book fans a like.

Check out the gallery below featuring fan favorites like Selina Kyle, Ivy Pepper, Edward Nygma and Bruce Wayne. (All character descriptions are provided by Entertainment Weekly.)

Source: Entertainment Weekly