New Female Lead Cast In Constantine


After thorough deliberation “Constantine” executive producers David Goyer and Daniel Cerone have decided to write off Lucy Griffiths character Liv and cast a new female lead. The producers spoke during the Television Critics Association press tour and revealed they thought the Liv character was too “wide-eyed and reactive” for what they had in mind as the show progresses.

Griffith will still appear in the pilot episode when the shows airs but will be written off shortly thereafter. Liv was a character created just for the show who was introduced as the daughter of John Constantine’s deceased friend and just started to experience her abilities to see the undead. Constantine was supposed to take her under his wing throughout the show but the producers say they want a tough female persona that could play off the sarcastic and witty Constantine.


Thus the producers have cast actress Angelica Celaya to portray Zed, a psychic who teams up with Constantine on his many adventures. Zed is a regular in the HELLBLAZER and CONSTANTINE books and is sure to get fans of Constantine even more pumped up for the show. Celaya will appear as Zed in an early episode of the show but no word on how early yet.

The hyped Constantine show will premiere Oct. 24th with actor Matt Ryan as the lead.

Source: Hitfix