Review: BATMAN ’66 #38


In the last issue, the Dynamic Duo went to confront Fred Fillips, producer of “The Dark Knight Detective” TV show. “The Dark Knight Detective” had been steadily ruining the Caped Crusader’s reputation by portraying him as a noirish, brutal thug. Fillips pretended to empahsize with the duo’s concerns, but then captured them.

In this issue, Fred Fillips reveals himself as the supervillain False Face. False Face explains that BATMAN '66 B“The Dark Knight Detective” was part of an elaborate revenge scheme on Batman. Now he coup de grâce by killing him on live television. Face orders his henchmen (including a hatchet-wielding man known as “hack writer” to finish Batman. The Dynamic Duo beat up all the henchmen and False Face with characteristic aplomb. Face is sent to jail, although he is delighted when his cancelled show receives an award months later.


The humor in this is great. This is hands-down the funniest issue of BATMAN ’66 I have ever read. The henchman names and the jabs at executive producers were all fantastic. I even loved the incredibly cheesy fight scene one-liners. I think my favorite was; “A TV producer and a master criminal? Twice as evil!”


…I can’t think of any. That’s never happened to me before.


BATMAN ’66 #38 is a terrific issue. Buy it.