iZombie unveils a promising pilot at Comic-Con…sort of

by Cynthia Ayala
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iZombie is the DC/CW show that hasn’t been getting a lot of press. But despite that, their panel raised a thrilled crowd and impressed the attendees. While they were originally billed to present a full-length pilot, last minute changes forced CW to present one that was less than complete. Apparently the production was forced to recast a few actors which would require an extra 3 days of shooting so they had to cut those parts from the viewing.

However, while the pilot disjointed and choppy, it still got amazing feedback from the audience. iZombie is not the next Walking Dad though but somewhere in between Buffy and Veronica Mars, and for fans of Rob Thomas who is attached to the project, this is right up his alley.

The premise of the show is a little different than the comic series that it’s based on and the pilot follows main character Liz, played by Rose McIver, who is the typical mousey college girl with her nose in her books and eyes focused on her dreams and future. But when she finally cuts-loose and attends a wild frat part, her life is changed forever when a drug at the party starts turning people into the undead. While Liz doesn’t take the drug, she must fend off against the others that do who are now zombies.

This is usually when the story ends in most zombie fiction. You get bitten, you become infected, you die…but don’t stay dead. For Liz however, she survives the zombie outbreak, and yes, she is a zombie, but she has all her memories, everything about her is still there…but she has to eat brains to stay that way or else it’s bye-bye. This leads her character to take up a job at the coroner’s office where she can discreetly eat brains to keep herself somewhat human and still attend school.

And for what it’s worth, this show sounds awesome and I for one wish I had been there to see what they had ready. What can I say, I’m a zombie girl.

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