Wildcat Has Been Cast for Season 3 of Arrow

by Nikki Fleming
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New characters will be appearing in season 3 of Arrow this fall. One of those new characters will be Wildact. Theodore “Ted” Grant, Wildcat, will be played by J. R. Ramirez. J. R. Ramirez has played a recurring role as Julio on Starz’s “Power” and a small role on “Emily Owens M.D.” and “24”.

J. R. Ramirez as Wildcat.

Ted Grant in the boxing hero Wildcat. In the “Arrow” universe Ted is a “former boxer who runs a gym for underprivileged youth.” Ted will play a huge role in Laurel Lance’s story arc. Could we be looking at the new love interest of Laurel Lance?

wildcat and black canary


Ted Grant, Wildcat, in the comics is a member of the Justice Society of America and trainer of many of the DC Universe heroes. He has even trained Black Canary. Could this be foreshadowing for Laurel to take over the Black Canary role her sister left behind at the end of season 2? We will find out more when “Arrow” season 3 premieres in October.


Source: Comicbookresources

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