McKenzie talks Gordon and Gotham.

With Fall quickly approaching it means that Gotham will soon be hitting our screens with a fresh look at the Batman universe. Recently Ben McKenzie talked Gotham and Gordon and what the future holds.


McKenzie talked about how many times this story has been told. The story of Batman’s origin has be told and retold but McKenzie says that “I think we’re adding our twist on the mythology, but we are just a part of it.” He goes on to say that it will be more of a noir feel to the world of Gotham. He went on to talk about how Gordon’s moral compass will be in the corrupt Gotham PD. McKenzie said “He’s (Gordon) still morally rigid, at least initially, but we’ll see how long that lasts.” Ben also talks about how Barbra, his wife, will be a moral rock for him.Bruce-Wayne-in-the-Gotham-TV-show-2


Barbra and Bullock are not the only main relationships that Gordon is going to have he will also have to interact with recently orphaned Bruce Wayne. McKenzie talked about how the relationship between the two will form over the show. “Well, their relationship will be very complicated. It is very complicated because obviously, one of the beautiful things about the conceit that Bruno Heller (Gotham’s executive producer) came up with is that Jim himself suffered a tragedy similar to Bruce.” So the two ­­­­characters will have that similarity between them.gotham-tv-series-bruce-wayne-parents-laser-time

All we can do now is wait for September to see how Gordon will deal with the corrupt city and its dangerous inhabitants.

Gotham will premiere on The CW on September 22, later this year.

Source: Comic Book Resources