Kelly Frye has been cast as Plastique!

Kelly Frye will play the villain Plastique on CW’s The Flash!

E! Entertainment had the scoop!

The Flash has cast Kelly Frye as Bette Sans Souci, aka Plastique, E! News has exclusively learned. Frye will make her debut on the CW’s buzzed-about Arrow spinoff’s fifth episode.

A bomb disposal expert in Iraq who, following exposure to the energy released by the S.T.A.R. Labs meltdown, Bette now has the ability to turn any object she touches into an explosive device. On the run from the shadow forces in the U.S. government trying to turn her into a human weapon, she finds an ally in fellow meta-human The Flash.

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Prior to landing the explosive role of Plastique (See what we did there?), Frye starred on Fox’s shortlived drama Rake and appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles and The Mentalist.

A classic DC villainess, Plastique was a love interest and foe for Captain Atom in the comics and was also a member of the Suicide Squad, a team Arrow fans will surely be familiar with. And Smallville fans may remember that Jessica Parker Kennedy portrayed Plastique in season eight.


Also set to appear on The Flash, which stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, aka the Flash, in its first season are Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart—or Captain Cold to comics fans—and Arrow star Stephen Amell‘s cousin Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond, the hero Firestorm. The first issue Plastique ever appeared in? It was called “The Fury of Firestorm #7.” Hmm…

Joining Gustin on the series are Jesse L. MartinTom CavanaghCandice PattonDanielle PanabakerRick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes.

The Flash premieres Oct. 7 on the CW.

Source: E! Entertainment



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