With another installment of INJUSTICE released, our adventure continues with the trinity war between Superman, Batman and the Green Lanterns heating up. This week’s issue finally starts to unite the story, as all sides of the playing field now come together as Superman’s war kicks off.

Superman and the Green Lanterns were at the forefront of this issue. Both script and imagery were focused on these teams as the connection to why the Green Lanterns drastic actions are ultimately explained.  Tom Taylor’s script, as always, lives up to our expectations. Balancing the seriousness of both Superman’s plight and Black Canary’s enraged emotions was the whiplash tongue of Guy Gardner and shocked humor from Team Batman. The words really do tell more than just a story, conveying tremendous amounts of tension and emotion before one spark ignites the conflicted powder keg.


Once again, the art style changes on us in this issue. Mike. S. Miller has taken over as pencil artist and inker, with Rex Lokus maintaining his dynamic details as colorist. While I love different artists working on the same project, when you are at the pinnacle of emotion, a change in drawing doesn’t help the issue flow so well. Though the coloring stays true to the style, I was slightly thrown by the different faces that now stood in the characters places. The issue had the feel of a filler edition, making it just the power up before all hell is unleashed.  It lacked a little punch for a moment that should have been the call to war.


The surprise of Canary taking charge as a harbinger of death was the twist I had been waiting for. As we all suspected that the two epic titans of Batman and Superman were preparing to deal each other death blows, I was glad to see another character taking up the charge and not afraid to get her hands dirty. It’s rare to see any hero kill in the DC universe and even the card on the table was enough to make my eyes widen at the sneaky tactic. Once again the scripting was very well done, including just the right amount of information and emotion to keep readers happy. The volumes always seem to leave off at a cliff hanger moment, which is why the series is so highly anticipated each week and strategically written to keep people wanting to know more.


10543828_718743168199542_500714434_nThe artwork is a huge factor in any comic, and another change in art leaves me questioning what happened. Just when I start enjoying one artist’s work, it’s shuffled around and I have to now almost connect to a new version of the character, which doesn’t really do the issue any favor.

Another concerning factor was when I downloaded the issue, I found myself reading it twice, because the entrance scene really did not have a cohesive link to what was going on. I wondered if I had actually missed an issue for a moment before I realized there had been a time gap, giving the issue a disjointed feel. It was somewhat confusing and didn’t continue the story in that fluid way I was looking for.

The anti-climactic moment of the war being ignited also lacked the punch I was after. The moment that had been building up for weeks suddenly appeared in a green flash, and that was about it. I found that the moment was underwhelmed; I had been hyped up for something much bigger than the predictable scene which ultimately occurred. I’m only hoping that Canary’s moment against Superman will be far more heart stopping than a giant energy beam.



This issue of INJUSTICE really did lack the luster and oomph I had been dangling on the edge of my seat for. Though it revealed more of the story to us, I found the most poignant moments in previous issues were now just left hanging without their climax. Though still a wonderful read, don’t look for an epic declaration of war, because it’s not all there.



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