Review- THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #13

by Gregg Hamm
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This week’s issue of FUTURES END catches up with a lot of the non superhuman characters of the series. As the cover suggests the main focus on the former Red Robin as he attempts to avenge his girlfriend, Madison. This issue also follows up on Emiko, Barda, Fifty Sue, and Batman Beyond, although it leaves out the new Secret Six that was mentioned in the solicitation.

PositivesThe New 52 - Futures End 013-001

Artist Patrick Zircher returns to the series and really shines. His style has a futuristic feel too it that really suits this series. Overall the series as a whole has had really consistent artwork that will definitely shine when the single issues are collected as trades.

It’s nice to have an issue focus on non-superhuman characters since they are often overshadowed by the heavy hitters. Mister Terrific especially stood out this issue. In past issues I’ve been convinced that Mister Terrific was really Terry Sloan in disguise but no I’m not so sure. The look of concern on Michael’s Face and the narrative that follows really conveys emotions I wouldn’t Expect Terry to Feel in a situation like this. Is this the Mister Terrific we all love, or isn’t it ? This issues great writing has made the distinction even harder to make.


The energy was at an all time low this issue. While it was nice seeing Tim Drake out kicking all kinds of butt, his contribution to this issue felt a little pointless. The characters he fought seemed insignificant and the overall feeling of this scene felt disconnected from the rest of the series.The New 52 - Futures End 013-017

The structure of the issue was very confusing as well. It seems as though Fifty Sue is in two places at once though and it wasn’t made very clear at all how this was possible. Its easy enough to assume that the later scene takes place in the past but at first it was very confusing for readers. I have a feeling Fifty Sue wasn’t supposed to even meet up with Barda this issue however since the solicitations promised us an all new Secret six. Most readers probably don’t read the solicits as religiously as I do, but for anyone that did this was a huge let down.


This issue left me disappointed. With a big character like Barda being introduced I expected bigger things to happen with her. This issue lacked the action and cliffhangers that have have come to love from this series. While the art was great, it felt wasted on what was one of the series most forgettable issues.



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