by Gregg Hamm
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This week’s JUSTICE LEAGUE will surely be a treat for fans of FOREVER EVIL. This issue reminds readers that the plot threads left dangling at the end of the miniseries have not been forgotten by writer, Geoff Jones. While the outcome of this arc may have become predictable, this issue teases plenty of big things to come.


As stated above, this issue does a fantastic job referencing recent continuity. Sometimes with big events such as FOREVER EVIL, it’s easy for writers to ignore any cliffhangers unJustice-League-32-Spoilers-Preview-Forever-Evil-5til the next big event, and in some cases they are forgotten all together. It’s nice to see Jones touch upon some of these plot threads and to reassure readers that the will be dealt with relatively soon.

A lot happens in this issue aside the hints and teases. The explosive action scenes with Justice League and Doom Patrol are well-balanced with character driven dialogue and exposition. Specifically the dialogue between Luthor and Captain Cold, as well as Volthoom’s revelation to Cyborg are two parts that really shined this issue. The introduction of the Chief has been a great move by Jones. The Chiefs arrogance and negative attitude reflect the Lex Luthor of the past, which in turn help the new and improved Lex Luthor really shine. This issue almost makes me think that Lex might not ever return to his evil ways.


At one point Cyborg implies, in a negative fashion that Shazam is acting like a girl. This may be an attempt by Jones to make Cyborg seeJustice-League-32-Spoilers-Doom-Patrol-Forever-Evil-7m younger but it felt a little out of character. I suppose Vic’s past as a football player may have influenced him to talk like that in the past, but presently he seems to mature to talk like that. I would have much rather had Shazam say something like that and have Wonder Woman scold him for it. Billy Batson is young enough to not know any better and it would show the positive influence the League has on him.


This issue has everything you would expect from a great comic. There’s plenty of action to keep your attention and enough information is revealed to move the plot forward significantly. The hints of things to come really help this issue stand out, while some uncharacteristic dialogue holds it back. This has definitely been the most entertaining issue of the Injustice League story arc.



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