Review: SINESTRO #4

SINESTRO #4 written by Cullen Bunn, art by Rags Morales, and Jason Wright on color is yet another solid issue following Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps as they face the threat from the mysterious Pale Bishop and his Inquisition.


Sinestro versus an emotionless alien pseudo-Christian sect? Why not?! This is solid comic-book action; The Inquisition is creepy (if not cliche looking) and the emotionless vs. emotional spectrum continues the thread of Blackest Night-era type atmosphere which I find interesting. Sinestro watches as the Inquisition members “wipe” one of his corps members and gets ensnared himself, but his perpetual fear of Hal Jordan outdoing him (it’s ridiculous how much Hal Jordan influences Sinestro here, it’s almost….no, it’s very much slash worthy how stuck on Hal Sinestro is) breaks him free and he is able to disable (and later, much to Soranik’s protest, slaughter) the Inquisition members who attacked them. Sinestro then infiltrates their cathedral-like ship and of course…blows it up, reliving its 400+ drained/lobotomized  crew of their trance-like duties (in death at least).


Creepy Pseudo-Christian space cults are always fun! The militarized space church of Doctor Who comes to mind. This issue is solid, but I wouldn’t give it any particular accolades. Rags Morales is a competent artist, but his art is very “traditional”, something I’m getting rather bored with. This is good stuff, but it’s not reinventing the wheel either. Colors a bright and snappy, the art better than not. Actually I really enjoy the coloring here. I have little else to say other than I like the Sinestro Corps as somewhat anti-villainous to flat out anti-heroes. The visions Sinestro has regarding Hal Jordan are amazing, like I am not kidding, the article feature is legit a vision Sinestro has of Hal Jordan of Earth.



There’s not much here to dislike really, it’s inoffensive (the violence is actually pretty well done) at the best as far as comics go; competant, reasonably compelling, Soranik is great. If there is one thing; Sinestro’s over the top obsession with Hal Jordan is almost (okay it is) incredibly laughable.

Oh Sinestro. God.
Oh Sinestro. God.


If you like the Lantern Corps, I wholeheartedly recommend this, it’s actually really solid work, not enough to make me hop around with joy, but it’s definitely worth checking out! Sinestro’s narrative is an interesting one, can’t wait to see where this goes.