Review: COFFIN HILL #10

by Brandon Marth
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Coffin Hill #10 (Caitlin Kittredge), is intense. As the police come closer to uncovering the identity of the serial killer known as the “Ice Fisher” and Eve encounters a jailhouse brawl this issue proves itself to be one that can’t be missed!


Coffin Hill #10 engages the reader as the series always has with unique combination of a contemporary setting mixed with a touch horror and supernatural phenomena in a detective story. While this issue continues to grapple with the “Ice Fisher” mystery it adds a new mystery and potential arch to the story as Eve engages in a prison fight that leads to her believe someone has a mark on her head. The plot thickens and the mysteries expand, while one is coming near a climax another is just budding. This series is just getting started and clearly has a lot to offer, the characters of unique and vibrant and all of them are emotionally charged. While this issue is plot heavy it isn’t unapproachable for a reader just entering the series and could serve as a great starting point for one who isn’t too concerned with previous issues and only wants to read oncoming issues. Coffin Hill #10 is approachable and entertaining, it’s somewhat thought provoking and it’s surprisingly different from your average horror themed comic. This is one I’d recommend to my friends who are looking for a new series to read but don’t have the time to dedicate to reading the early issues and want to jump right on into the action.


The negatives of this issue are brief and subjective in nature. As much as I loved this issue I would’ve liked it more if they dedicated more time to one mystery in it, whether it be the “Ice Fisher” or Eve’s theory about her being a target. Both are interesting and the it was clear that Kittredge wanted to get a start on the new mystery while not leaving the other in the dark but dedicating an issue to one or the other may have made this more enjoyable for me personally. I just wanted more information on both but would have been satisfied with sufficient information on just one.


Coffin Hill #10 is engaging and interesting, it’s a clear sign that this series is only gaining strength and I can’t wait to see what unfolds and what further mysteries lay ahead. I just wish that this issue gave more time to pursue the “Ice Fisher” or really gave the spotlight to the Eve’s situation as it could have benefitted from some more time to flesh out in early on in its development. Overall this issue is great and I recommend it to everyone as it’s very accessible and doesn’t require too much background knowledge and can serve as a great starting point for any new readers.



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