Exclusive: Stephen Amell recognizes DCN Artwork

by Damian Fasciani
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One of the many things that makes Arrow such a great show is that its main star in Stephen Amell makes times for his fans. The way in which he uses social media to connect and collaborate with fans is simple yet very affective. Organically the popularity of both him and the show has benefited from it. One of the things I personally look forward to most is his Facebook FAQ. Fans simply send through questions, and Amell reads them out and answers them. At times he will upload a picture and ask fans for memes or accept artwork and comment on the ones that he particularly likes.

One of our key writers Anthony R. Ramirez has a hidden talent, he likes to draw. He does it pretty well and decided to build his own persona of Arrow, little did we know at the time he submitted art onto Stephen Amell’s page.

DCN is proud to share with out fans that Stephen Amell recognized Anthony’s great work on his site which was an amazing result for the passion, time, and dedication Anthony put into the piece. We would like to congratulate Anthony on his work, he should be proud and we have posted the art below to share with our DC fans.


Anthony’s artwork of Arrow



Stephen Amell congratulates Anthony on his art!


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