Booster Gold May be the key to the New 52

by Cynthia Ayala
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Oh Booster Gold, you are the key master aren’t you.

Dan DiDio, DC co-publisher, teased the return of the Booster Gold in DC Entertainment’s YouTube series DC All Access, stating that Booster Gold will be a key book coming up in September. Of course, that is not what he said, per say:

“We’re doing the Five Year Later jump in September. There’s one book that’s a clue book, one book that sets it all up and it’s the one book that gives us a glimpses of what’s to come, I’m not saying its Booster Gold, but it would be great if it was Booster Gold.”

I can’t be the only one who thinks that it’s totally Booster Gold.

This month, as the comics launch into Future’s End with their Five Years Later one-shots. Joining them will be a one-shot surrounded in secret. Booster Gold once saw everything on his chalkboard before Flashpoint and has been seen in the All Star Western series alongside Jonah Hex, cowboy boots and all. Dan Jurgens, who has written the secret one-shot, has also stated that he still has access to the Vanishing Point and is the Time Master.

It’s that title, his ability to travel through time is what makes Booster Gold so interesting. Well, that and his narcissistic yet charming demeanor.

As of this moment, the future seems inevitable, with Brother Eye acting like the borg and assimilating everyone on Earth. Only Terry, Batman Beyond, holds all the secrets that can be everyone salvation. Personally, I’m not really finding the weekly series Future’s End that entertaining, and there isn’t much Batman in there so maybe he’s not the real key and Booster Gold is.

Check out the segment below for the full scoop.


Source: ComicBook, Bleeding Cool

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