Catwoman gets a new writer.

Later this year Catwoman will be getting a new job and a new writer and being a crime boss must seems a hell of a step up from Cat Burglar. New writer Genevieve Valentine says that starting in October that Catwoman will have a change of mood. Valentine says that Catwoman will have a more “Noir” and “pulpy” feel to the story and art starting in November.

Speaking about the up and coming series Valentine talked about the cover “Though it’s definitely a stark image, and I can’t talk about specifics because of spoilers, I’m hypothetically invested in the symbolic Doppelganger aspect of Selina facing off against Catwoman…and possibly losing.”

catwoman36 (1)

According to Newsarama Valentine went on to say that Catwoman is her own worst enemy. And with the cover of #36 being a different Catwoman, will someone else be taking up the Catwoman mantel. And with the Catwoman #36 picking up after the events of Batman Eternal (even though Batman Eternal is not ending till next year) it begs to ask the question, will we see what happens in Batman Eternal?

Genevieve Valentine will be taking over the Catwoman series in November starting with Catwoman #36.

Source: Newsarama