Arrow Producers Drop Big Hints in Season 2.5

by Cynthia Ayala
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These Arrow producers are sure not pulling any punches here! Fans of Arrow are already familiar with the comic based off the hit CW television show. Arrow: Season 2.5, officially released yesterday, is a new digital first series written by Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim and executive story editor Keto Shimizu. According to MTV News, the in-between series will connect “the events of the second season finale directly to the opening of season three”.

In the interview with MTV News, Guggenheim and Shimuzu released not only their inspiration about the show but also dropped a few hints to the bigger reveals that is coming this season to Arrow.

Early on in the interview, Guggenheim states, “We really tried to recreate the narrative experience the show offers in comic book form. And to that end, we were trying to tell the kinds of stories we tell on “Arrow,” but at the same time take advantage of the seemingly limitless budget, and limitless scope the medium of comic books offers”, as far as inspiration for the newest addition to the comic book realm.

Shimuzu went on further explaining that the series is “setting up Oliver’s headspace for where he is, coming into season three”. So there is no doubt about it, this series will be developing the story on a deeper level, a treat for fans who are interested in knowing more about the mindset of the characters and what their reactions will be to the events at hand.

To read more and find out the hints, check out the full interview here.

Source: MTV

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