by Gregg Hamm
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Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino leave their beloved run on GREEN ARROW with a jump to the future of 5 years later. The quality of this issue will likely leave many fans of the series upset and unsatisfied. The fact that this issue will be their last is extremely unsettling and this stunning issue makes it that much harder to let get.

I know I sound like a broken record every month but I have to praise Sorrentino’s art. Once again he doeGreen Arrow (2011-) - Futures End 001-001 s a stellar job detailing the characters and environment in a unique way that sets him apart from the rest of the industry. The opening page specifically exhibits this beautifully as we see new character designs, a lush background, vivid fight scene that would keep any reader captivated.

Of all the FUTURES END tie in issues so far, this one feels the most organic. Here, you’ll find no gimmicks or forced story lines, just a naturally moving plot that feels like an extension of the current series. Lemire flushes out many of the plot points left hanging from the series and introduces the natural evolutions for many of the characters. After reading this issue many readers will likely be hoping that Lemire and Sorrentino left the current series only to start their own Green Arrow Beyond series, that will continue where this story began.

Without spoiling too much of this weeks issue of FUTURES END, I will say that GREEN ARROW: FUTURES END #1 ties in wonderfully. Its truly amazing how Lemire is able to merge two series hes been working on so easily without it feelinGreen Arrow (2011-) - Futures End 001-018g cheapened in any way. The events of this issue will likely have huge ramifications for FUTURES END and will likely increase readership as well.

Absolutely nothing to complain about with this issue.

Lemire and Sorrentino deliver a stunning finale to their run on the series. The art and writer was at an all time high and every page was captivating in some form or another. Fan of the series will likely miss the the current creative team, and this issue will only make the transition harder. GREEN ARROW most definitely has big shoes to fill.



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