Review-THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #18

by Gregg Hamm
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Things are escalating quickly as FUTURES END  jumps swiftly into its second act. Following up on last week’s Superman revelations, this issue is jam packed with even more shocking moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A fan favourite character even makes a surprising return to the series that will surely alter the course of this series.


The pace of the series seems to finally have picked up. Each story line is quickly beginning to merge together inThe New 52 - Futures End 018-004 an organic way that gives this title a new sense of purpose. Cadmus Island in particular, has jumped leaps and bounds by finally giving us the Earth 2 prison break we’ve been waiting for. It also appears that Batman Beyond and his gang of thieves are finally going commit the heist they’ve been planning for what seems to be forever.

Many fans reacted negatively to a plot point that happened early on in the series. Fortunately for them it appears that their prayers have been answered and everything wasn’t as it seemed. Without giving anything away, this point will likely be the highlight for many people who are currently enjoying the series. Overall this issue was shocking, entertaining, and everything you would look for in a comic book.


Artist Georges Jeanty delivers another solid issue, though there were a few awkward momeThe New 52 - Futures End 018-013nts. A few facial expressions by Lois Lane, Stormgaurd, and Deathstroke looked a little cartoony at times, which really took away from their respective scenes. Other than that this was solid issue.


With many shocking moments it’s hard to write a spoiler free review. However, I can say that this issue was one of the best of the series thus far. It appears that FUTURES END is starting to remove itself from the predictable ways of the past and latching itself onto a new direction that includes a fast pace and fresh ideas. Fans who have stopped reading the series will definitely want to start reading again.



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