Batmobile spotted on set.

With filming still going on in Detroit for DC’s next big addition to their cinematic universe it is no surprise that glimpses of cast and props in the city being leaked to the outside world. But this is just not any prop this is the Batmobile.
Batman and Batmobile
We saw the official release a few months ago of Batman himself standing next to the Batmobile we finally got a sneak peak of the Batmobile on the set of Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice. The first image we see is one of not one but two Batmobiles under a tarp on a trailer.
Set photo of Batmobile
This is our first time nearly seeing the Batmobile in broad daylight. But other that the tarp we don’t see much of Batman’s new wheels. But a close up but not so clear shot of the new Batmobile in the daytime, the image is very grainy but we do see the details of the Batmobile and somewhat of the colour.


There should be more images of the new and improved Batmobile released in the next few months and with news that most of the cast is in Detroit it only solidifies the fact that major filming is on the way.
Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice is to be released on March 25th, 2016.

Source: ComicBookMovie