Fortress of Cosplay Features Adrienne Brynteson

by Nikki Fleming
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Cosplay is becoming more and more popular everyday. Thanks to the success of Heroes of Cosplay and other big media coverage, more people are discovering the magic. Cosplay is short for costume play. People dress up as their favorite characters from manga, anime, video games, and comic books. Cosplay has an amazing community. You can find so much support, love, and a feeling of togetherness within the cosplay community. Thousands, even millions, of people attend comic book, anime, and video game conventions every year. Among those people are the hard working cosplayers. These people spend many hours, money, and even shed some blood on making their cosplays perfect. These people deserve the spotlight and that’s what we do here on Fortress of Cosplay. Every month we will feature a different cosplayer. So 1st up on the Fortress of Cosplay we have Adrienne Brynteson. Adrienne is a 22 year old from Rome, Georgia. She graduated from Armuchee High School in 2010 and currently attends University of West Georgia. She is a huge scifi/horror geek. Her favorite TV show is Buffy. She has been watching since she was 8 and even re-watches the whole show every summer. Her favorite DC character is Harley Quinn. She says that Harley Quinn is a super fun character to cosplay as.




Nikki: When did you start cosplaying?


Adrienne: I started generic cosplays around 2011.


Nikki: What got you into cosplaying?


Adrienne: I started going to cons when I was 13, I loved seeing everyone dressed up. I first started dressing up for cons, then I slowly started progressing more into cosplaying.


Nikki: What was your 1st cosplay?


Adrienne: My first real cosplaywas in 2012. Tank girl was my first cosplay.




Nikki: What was your 1st experience cosplaying like?


Adrienne: My first experience with cosplay was amazing, it was so much fun. Being in cosplay is like being on another world.


Nikki: What was the 1st convention you attended?


Adrienne: First con was Dragoncon way back in 2005.


Nikki: Whats your favorite cosplay that you have made or seen someone else make?


Adrienne: My favorite cosplay that someone else has made was an Angel from Xmen cosplay. I love cosplays with wings, even though it’s something I don’t think I’d be able to do. I also really admire closet cosplays, I think it’s really neat what people come up with out of clothing they already had.


Nikki: What have you learned since starting cosplaying?


Adrienne: Since starting cosplaying I’ve learned that the cosplay community is like a family. Everyone is so open and friendly. I’ve also learned how hard cosplaying can be. Making costumes is so difficult, and something I haven’t had much chance to do yet. But I’m very hopeful to actually start making all of my cosplays myself.


Nikki: What advice would you give to someone just starting off in cosplay?


Adrienne: My advice to someone starting out cosplaying is to just have fun, pick a character that amplifies your own personality, and save money whenever possible (cosplaying is expensive!).


Adrienne Brynteson as Harley Quinn at Dragon Con 2014.
Adrienne Brynteson as Harley Quinn at Dragon Con 2014
Adrienne Brynteson as Harley Quinn at Dragon Con 2014
Adrienne Brynteson as Emma Frost at Dragon Con 2014.
You can see more of Adrienne at Silly Jetplane Cosplay and Silly Jetplane Instagram


We would love to feature you on Fortress of Cosplay. Every month we will be featuring a new cosplayer. If you are interested in being a featured please email me at [email protected].

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