Was That Donna Troy?

by Cynthia Ayala

When the preview for ACTION COMICS: FUTURES END #1 first went online a week ago, it revealed some startling images as far as the preview went. The images were so startling they have started to raise the same question from fans: Is that Donna Troy?

Was this Donna Troy?

However, fans who were once excited about the return are now close to having their hopes shatter when the issue revealed nothing more than what could be just some random girl who looks a lot like the fan favorite heroine. But there is still hope since the image and issue revealed nothing about the character, and also not denying the fact that it might be Donna Troy.

It would be cruel for them not to bring her back considering the insinuation DC made in their internet video DC All Access, hinting at her return in SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN alongside the return of Wally West in Flash and Stephanie Brown in Batman Eternal.

Donna Troy character design by Ben Oliver CREDIT: DC Comics

Morrison has revealed that Donna Troy will be making an appearance in MULTIVERSITY and will be a character on Earth-16. Nevertheless, this will only be an alternate debut of the character rather than a more permanent version of the character in the New 52. And considering the white board tease did say SM/WW, fans can only speculate that the return of the character is going to be in that series, not MULTIVERISTY.

FUTURES END is opening a lot of doors for the return of fan favorite character Donna Troy. She could be Wonder Woman and Superman’s daughter from the future, she could be a cousin, maybe even her niece that she’s always carrying around (which I personally feel is still ridiculous). Soule, who is taking on both WONDER WOMAN: FUTURES END #1 & SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #1 has already said that the new character he is introducing into both – Nemesis – will be playing a huge role in the present, so it’s possible that Donna could be the future daughter of Wonder Woman or her niece going to the past.

Since FLASHPOINT and the DC Universe reset, many characters are missing and reentering the DC Universe is new and unexpected ways.

But for right now fans of SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN are going to continue to read issue after issue and fans of Donna Troy should probably start picking up the series. Until then, we’ll all have to do with her (maybe) limited appearance in MULTIVERSITY.

Source: Newsarama

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