NYCC 2023: Robin Lives!

by Brad Filicky
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Robin Lives! At the Gotham Confidential panel at this years NYCC it was announced that a never seen take on the iconic A Death In The Family storyline will be released. Back in 1988 a 900 number (remember those?) was created to allow readers to chose whether or not Robin (Jason Todd) would live or not after a devastating attack from the Joker. Well we all know how that turned out. Robin died. But what if readers had chosen to keep him alive? Turns out DC has had the art in vaults for that scenario for years and we are finally going to get a chance to see it! This “faux-simile” edition features original story and art from A Death in the Family storytelling team – writer Jim Starlin, artist Jim Aparo, colorist Adrienne Roy, inker Mike DeCarlo, and letterer John Costanza.

At the time Jason Todd wasn’t well liked by readers, but the vote to kill him was surprisingly close. From a total of 10,614 votes, fans decided that Jason should succumb to his injuries by a narrow 72-vote margin of 5,343 votes to 5,271. The story remains an important part of the Batman mythos to this day.  The “faux-simile” issue will hit comic shops on December 12! Put it on your pull list now! Robin Lives!


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