Review: Nightwing #107
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Tom Taylor and Michael W. Conrad
Art: Stephen Byrne and Serge Acuna
Colors: Adriano Lucas and Ivan Plascencia
Letters: Wes Abbott

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd




Nightwing finally learns about Bea’s past, but in order to get the box that was stored in The Hold, he has to do a favor for her first that will cement her role as the new Captain Blud.


Tom Taylor keeps the story in Nightwing #107 focused on character.  This allows for whatever happens to feel legitimate.  It’s strange to see “Ric” Grayson in flashback, but Taylor makes it work because Dick is written accurately.  Bea is a bit of an unknown quantity since she’s been revealed to have a secret past, and what Taylor provides for her past is seamlessly woven into her previous appearances during the “Ric” era.  

The task Dick has to provide for Bea is not antithetical to him, but the situation provides some challenges.  He’s got to go off with Bea to apprehend her wanted criminal brother.  Barbara is not surprisingly a little concerned for multiple reasons.  Bea’s past is quite interesting as we learn that she is the new Captain Blud, the person in control of The Hold.  Bea’s mantle of Captain Blud dates back to the founding of Bludhaven, she’s descended from THAT Captain Blud.  This is an interesting legacy to fulfill and uphold. 

Positives Cont’d

The relationship between Bea and Dick is intriguing.  Dick’s a good person so he’s going to do the right thing.  There’s no lack of tension with Barbara, you can tell she’s a bit afraid.  While not spoken, it feels implied that she’s a little worried for Dick falling for Bea all over again.  It’s something nice to have on the table, but it’s not something that should come to pass.

The second story is the middle chapter of a three-part mystery.  Michael W. Conrad also focuses on  character, this time it’s Dick and Jason Todd.  Dick and Jason certainly have a complex relationship as brothers, brothers who are not alike, yet also have so much in common.  Conrad makes this the crux of the story, and it works very well.  The contrasts in personality make me think of the pre-Crisis Jason Todd that was much more like Dick Grayson.  How would this story have been different if this had been THAT Jason.

The mystery is good.  There’s not a lot that’s been revealed.  Last issue, we saw a fairly non-descript fellow watching Dick as he baked with Cassandra Cain.  This issue Dick and Jason get jumped by some thugs (it doesn’t go well for them) in an alley on this guys orders.  You just can’t tell what’s going to happen.  The character moments between Dick and his family/ friends make the unraveling enjoyable.


The only negative with Nightwing #107 is the fear that Dick’s going to get knocked on his head and go back to being “Ric.”  Not that it would last, but it would be a difficult journey for Dick and Babs, AND Bea when Dick came back, AGAIN!  


Nightwing #107 is another fine entry in the series.  If you’ve been enjoying this there’s no reason to think that you won’t enjoy this issue.  Character reigns supreme and there’s an intriguing story developing in the lead tale.  That sense of character continues in the second story and ties the issue together.  Hopefully, you’re here for Dick Grayson, the person and not simply the punch ups and actions.

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