Review: Nightwing #106
Nightwing #106[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Tom Taylor and Michael W. Conrad
Art: Stephen Byrne and Serge Acuna
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letters: Wes Abbott


Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



Dick Grayson’s time as “Ric” Grayson finally catches up with Nightwing when he learns the secret of Bea Bennett.  Plus, Dick and Cassandra Cain are cooking up something in the back up story.

Nightwing #106


With crossovers and events out of the way, we finally get back to what was introduced in Nightwing #99.  Nightwing had learned of The Hold, a mysterious storage center that is run by a fellow named The Quartermaster.  In Nigthwing #106 we learn that Nightwing has had previous dealings with the Quartermaster when he was going by “Ric” Grayson.  It would’ve been easy to completely forget about “Ric,” but Tom Taylor has come up with a way to connect that part of Dick’s recent past despite the current run doing everything to make the readers forget it.

Nightwing #106

The revelation about Bea is a surprise and certainly has the potential for more development.  It extends an olive branch to those fans of the “Ric”/ Bea relationship while connecting Bea to the intriguing introduction of The Hold and the Quartermaster back in Nightiwng #99.  What “Ric” stored in the hold that is missing will of course drive the storyline.  Taylor has a plot element as well as character set up for this story arc.  The opening of Nightwing #106 also incudes a nice transition back to normalcy that includes a lighter moment with both Barbara and Beast Boy from the Titans.The inclusion of Heartless integrates this arc with the larger tale that Taylor has been telling.  Will this be the resolution to Heartless saga or is Taylor going to keep Heartless around as an arch nemesis for Dick Grayson?

The backup story in this issue is a nice treat as Dick is paired with Cassandra Cain in a return to the milieu of Batgirls.  It’s a fun change of pace story that sets up a continuing plotline.  Stephanie Brown also makes an appearance.  One can only hope that we’ll get a full on Nightwing/ Batgirls team-up as this story plays out!

Nightwing #106


Nightwing has been one of DC’s best series for the past couple years, so it’s no surprise that this issue is short on negatives.  One can hope that Bruno Redondo will get back to regular interiors soon.  His work is missed.


Nightwing #106 is a great start to a new story arc with a balanced approach between plot and character.  This issue continues to prove why this comic continues to be one of DC’s best.  Hopefully, this will be the start of an uninterrupted run of tales.  As Dick says in this issue, “We’ve had a lot going on.  But, it’s finally time to ask…What’s in the box?”



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