World Of Metropolis Panel At SDCC 2023 Gives A Glimpse Of The Near Future Of Superman

by Brad Filicky
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This year at San Diego Comic Con it was all about comics! The World of Metropolis panel gave us a look at what’s to come for The Man of Steel.  Joshua Williamson revealed a few hints about Superman #6, revealing the following:  The Chained is a new villain that has as much strength as Doomsday; Lex Luthor has him chained, As you can probably guess.. ,he gets out.

Philip Kennedy Johnson also mentioned a partnership between Superman other characters in this storyline.  The threat The Chained posses is so potent that it may force Clark to question his moral compass.

A big surprise was the announcement of a new series, Kneel Before Zod, coming out in 2024, so keep an eye out. Created by Joe Casey  and Dan McDaid , it will be set on Krypton right before its destruction.  Zod will be at his lowest, and is out for revenge on the House of El.

Action Comics #1060 will set the stage  for Kneel Before Zod,  That issue won’t hit stands until December, so we have to wait a bit for more hints on what the story may be.

Superman #7, by Josh Williamson, Gleb Melnikov, and Dan Jurgens,  will be Superman’s 850th issue. At the panel it was revealed that it will be an oversized issue.

Philip Kennedy Johnson mentioned that Superman will be part of  “team-ups readers never would have expected.” We also got a tease that Perry White’s new occupation will be revealed

Sina Grace was also on the panel to talk about his upcoming YA graphic novel, Superman the Harvests of Youth. The story tells the tale of a young Clark Kent and the challenges of growing up. He’s very proud of the work and hopes all Superman fans will be too. One thing everyone on the panel could agree on was what an incredible character and legacy that Superman has.  As Phillip Kennedy Johnson said, “Superman is my religion”.  Metropolis is going to get very interesting in the upcoming months.

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