Amazing Custom Batman V. Superman Figures

Creativity can come in various ways when you are a comic book fan. You can write your own fan fiction based on the characters, even illustrate your favorite hero and villain battling each other. This fan took it up some notches and made custom figurines of the upcoming Batman v. Superman film. FigureRealm user, STJuggernaut created very intricate and detailed figures based on the new DC cinematic universe.


His figures include Wonder Woman, General Zod, Superman, Namek, Faora and Batman. Each figure is 4’’ tall and crafted with amazing detail. A great example would be the texture on the Batman suit. He even included a mask less Ben Affleck head too. Another example would be Wonder Woman’s figure, which includes the lasso of truth and a sword similar to the promo picture of Gal Gadot.


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There have not been any pictures revealed yet of the actual toy tie-ins for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but let us hope that they are as good as these custom figures. If you would like to see more of STJuggernaut’s custom figures click the link here. (LINK)

What did you think about these custom figures by STJuggernaut? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.


Source: & FigureRealms