Arrow’s Brandon Routh On The Atom Costume Concept Art

by Marilyn Lovo
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In an online interview released today, Superman Returns and Arrow‘s very own Brandon Routh says he’s seen concept art for what The Atom costume will look like.

It’s a totally different suit and I haven’t been in it yet, I’ve only seen drawings. It’s a very different character and I really can’t say too much about what the suit’s going to look like — just that it’s very different and I don’t believe it has a cape, which doesn’t really surprise anybody if you’ve seen The Atom in the comics. But it’s a cool opportunity; it’s a cool show with a huge following. They do a great job grounding the show.

The original casting call for the character suggested that fans would get to see a tech-powered, costumed hero, but in the six episodes he’s film, Routh has yet to put sport the classic red and blue. For when Routh will get to put on his heroic tights, if he ever gets to, he doesn’t know.

ray palmer

As far as his character and how he interacts with other characters from the show, Routh says he gets to explore different aspects and dynamics.

 Having my character on there — he has a lot of different elements. I get to come on there and [do some] comedy in a pretty dark world. My character, Ray Palmer, interacts with Felicity mostly in the episodes I’ve shot so far and it’s just a lot of fun. I have a great time working with Emily. I think it’s going to add a whole new element to the show that I think fans will like, whether they dislike Ray getting into the middle of the Oliver/Felicity relationship or not.

Earlier in the interview, Routh commented on his performance in Superman Returns, his legacy, and the film itself.

I took the job knowing full well that was going to be something that was going to be part of my life probably forever. Thankfully, it’s in a good way. I’m proud of the movie and a lot of people enjoyed it so that helps, I guess. And having it be such an inspirational, iconic role, that’s a nice thing to carry with me and have it be part of who people see me as.

Arrow returns Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.


Source: Comic book

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